Saturday, March 16, 2013

It started with a book.

     I just wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself. My name is Stacy and I LOVE books of all kinds. I am not one of those who only reads fiction, romance or mystery. I like it all! I am new to blogging but this all got started with a book. You see, I have a friend who is writing her first book and one day we were talking about books and things (this was before I knew she was even writing one) and she told me she was working on a book and asked if I would be interested in reading it and letting her know what I thought. I was all for it. So after talking with her and a few other friends that I was always talking to about books they all thought I should start blogging about the books I read. That is how this has come about.
     Now my hope for this blog is to spread the word about the books and authors that I love. Like I said this is all new but I have some ideas about things and I hope that I can share my love of books with people. I may also from time to time post some things about models that are on some of my favorite books. I hope to have my first author up with in the next week. So I hope you will keep coming back to see what I am reading.