Thursday, March 28, 2013

Never Say Never part 1 by Melinda Sutherland

Book Description

 March 21, 2013
Amanda goes through her young life having to survive experiences that nobody should have to. She was always quiet and found it easier to keep to herself, rather than share herself with the world. She struggled with being open up and talking to anyone about what was invading her life, in her heart she believed it was much easier to keep her secrets to herself. Sometimes sharing your deepest and darkest with someone you love is the only way to free yourself.
Will she ever be able to find that someone? Do the trials of her adolescent make her stronger in the end? Or will her world be turned upside down and she’ll be crushed under the weight of her love for another? Can she recover from the unthinkable? Will Amanda be able to pull though and find the one thing she’s always longed for and never really had…love?

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My review:  3 stars

     Ok, so this review is really hard for me. This book touched me on a personal side and I absolutely loved the story line and related so much to the main character, Amanda. I liked that Amanda was telling her story and showing that she wanted to be a strong person and survive what life had dealt her. ***Just a tiny spoiler here*** I also thought is was great that one of Amanda's best friends is a guy and this is something that few people believe can really happen let alone write about in books. I say this because most people think if a guy is a girls best friend then there is more to it I found this very true when I was in high school and everyone thought that my best friend and I were more than just friends. 

     Now the thing I didn't like about the book is there were a lot of mistakes in grammar and sentence structure and it made it very hard to read and understand what was going on. I found myself rereading parts sometimes going back a page to reread trying to get what was being written. At times it was a little confusing and with having to reread parts it effected the emotions that could have been brought out in the story. I also had to put it down a few times and then come back to finish reading it. The good thing beside the story line is that Amanda's character was strong enough to make you want to finish reading the book to see if she overcame the obstacles life sent her way. 

     With part 1 being in the title you know that the story continues and I do plan on reading it. I want to find out what happens with Amanda and this book does leave you with a cliff hanger wondering what happens. I do hope that there are less mistakes in the next part and it is more fluent so that I can really enjoy the story. I think Melinda Sutherland has great potential as a writer and I wish her success in the future and can't wait to read the next part and see how she has grown as a writer. She truly has a talent for story telling.
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