Monday, April 29, 2013

Sharing the Love Giveaway!

Sharing the Love Giveaway
going on now!

With all the bad things that happened in the world today I just wanted to spread some love. So I decided I would do a giveaway and link up some friends (and some people I didn't know) to just spread the word about blogs and authors. I mean you can never follow to many blogs and we all love authors because without them we wouldn't have books.  Anywho, when I mentioned this I got an offer from W. Ferraro that I could use her hot Hamden Series as a prize (love those Hamden men) and then more people came together and joined in the lovefest so we have a great giveaway with some awesome prizes. I want to enter and win some of them. lol  So, I hope you will check out all the blogs and authors. There is also one very talented lady who not only writes but paints too. Like there pages and follow there blogs and remember that sometimes even a simple smile or hello can make someones day.

Below is also a little info on all the blogs & authors 

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Here is just a little about the authors that are participating in this giveaway.
W. Ferraro (Books by W. Ferraro) Is the author of the Hamden Series. These are the covers of her books and I have review them both so you can find out a little about them under my reviews page

Braxton Cole is the author of these to novellas and you can see my reviews for both of them under my review page. You can learn more about Braxton at the website here and don't forget to follow it.

Cynthia P. O'Neill is a new author and this is her cover for her debut novel I Remember. It is the first in a series. She is hoping to have it out late Spring or early Summer. She is also working on her second book Learning to Trust which is also the first book in a series. You can learn more about her and both series on her facebook page and follow her on her website here

Danielle Torella is also a new author working on her debut novel called Private Message. Now her cover isn't out yet so I shared a picture from her page and you will just have to keep an eye open for her cover. She is very talented and paints too. You may know her from Pushy Girl Paintings. You can follow her blog also.

Here are a list of the blogs. You can just click on the name and it will take you to the blog. Please take a minutes to look at their pages and follow them. 

Of course It Started with a Book Blog (don't forget you can follow me too.)

 xoxo loves! ;)