Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding Faith by Ysabel Wilde

Faith Connolly moved away, determined to start a new life for herself, leaving everything behind. Years later, in turmoil from a love gone bad and accusations of theft swirling around her, a relationship is the last thing Faith wants, especially with the new fireman.

John Bauers’ life turns upside down when the love of his life deserts him with not so much as a warning. Then tragedy strikes. Missing the chance to be with the girl who stole his heart, John roams aimlessly, taking advantage of women, not caring who he hurts. But a night out with the guys changes everything.

Faith may have run but her past refuses to let her go.

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My Review: 5 star
OMG this was wonderful! No it was flaming hot. It has sexy men in uniforms and who doesn't like a man in uniform? You have firefighters, police, and doctors. Faith gives up everything for the greater good, or so she thinks. John thinks she just gave him up, but now years later, he knows he was wrong and he is going to fight for all he wants. All he wants is Faith. There are so many thing going on in this book that you just want to keep reading until you are done and then you want to make sure that Ms. Wilde is not disturbed until she is done writing the next one. There are happy moments, scary moments, and then the heart wrenching rip your heart into millions of pieces moments. It all makes for a fantastic read. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

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