Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Private Message by Danielle Torella

Tess has never had sex. Believe it or not, she’s never had a decent kiss.
The aspiring Seattle painter and photographer is still recovering from the trauma of being beaten and nearly raped at a rock show nearly three years before. So she keeps life simple: she goes to school, goes to work in a coffee shop, goes home, goes on living.
But then Ben’s naked body crashes—almost literally—through Tess’s wall against the world.
Ben is doing his dad’s art-teacher girlfriend a favor when he agrees to pose nude for her drawing class. But what he draws is the interest of the irresistible punk-looking girl—and it’s interest he reciprocates, with interest.

Their sexual chemistry is too much to resist. But it’s when they have their clothes on that their heat quickly slips on ice. Ben’s womanizing history is one thing, but it’s history of another kind—related to that fateful night at the rock show—that threatens to tear the young lovers apart forever.

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Mr review: 5 stars
Ok so, this book has been on my mind for a while know. I have been wanting to get my hands on this for sometime now. I was online one day and not even real sure how but it all started but I think I commented on a picture or a post on Facebook ( it is very possible that that it had to do with Joe Marvullo) and then I am chatting with this lady who is an author working on her first book. We became friends on Facebook and I learned more about her book and really got excited about it because it seemed so different. Now she has posted little teasers and things and I was just getting sucked in more and more. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. SQUEEEEE!!! I was so happy yesterday when I found it was in my inbox. I wanted to start it right then. I actually did read a few pages but I had to stop (sad face) because I was at the gym and well I am not talented enough to read and workout to. Anywho, so I finally get home and get to really start reading it at least for a little bit until my family got over to spend some time with a few of our favorite vets. When I had to stop I was not happy the book was so good I didn't want to put it down. I fell in love with Tess right away. She is the creative, independent female lead who has never had sex. WHAT?!?! In her 20's and never had sex? OK respect that girl for knowing what she wants and doesn't want and staying true to herself. Then we meet Erin who will become the best friends in 5 seconds. It's great when you meet someone and just click. She is a little crazy but you know from the start that she is just a great friend. In comes Ben. SWOON... Ben is a tall, dark, tattooed, and sexy as hell man who is a bad boy with a reputation. The characters are all great and with they way Danielle tells the story from both Tess and Ben's view you really get to know them and they become more real. The story is different and there was a twist I never saw coming. I was smiling and laughing through most of it and then feeling sad as you find out more about the past of Tess and Ben. Then there is the HOLY CRAP moment but you have to read it to find out because I will not spoil it. It was a great book and I admit I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning reading it and really thought about turning the laptop on and writing the review then but was afraid with my excitement and sleepiness it might be crazy and hard to understand. I did send out a few messages because I couldn't hold it all in and had to tell someone how awesome it was. Congratulations Danielle Torella on a fantastic debut book and look forward to reading more of your work. 

Where to find Danielle Torella:

and since she is multi-talented you can also find her at Pushy Girl Paintings on Facebook.

Just a little FYI: the cover models for the book are Joe Marvullo who can be found at Joseph Marvullo on Facebook or WWW.MODELMAYHEM.COM/JMARVULLO and Sam Roman who is the beautiful female model. The photographer was David Massa who took a fantastic shot for the cover and Randy Potvin who put the cover together. Awesome job!