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Strong Enough by Alexis Alexander

People cross paths in life, their purpose unknown but with reason.

Reece Miller's life changed that dark night when she was only 17. She hardly remembers what took place but she can’t forget him. His smell, his feel and that he saved her.

She has spent six years wondering about him, what might have happened. Her existence since then has been a shell of what it could have been. Hardened by life, Reece has built a wall around herself. Unable to understand love or how to trust, she pushes through life hiding; until a few key people cross her path and slowly chip at her shell, one of them being the very man she has not been able to forget.

Will Reece figure out who he is and his reason for being in her life before it’s too late? Or will she lose the one person meant to make her whole again?

Contains Violence, Explicit Language and Sexual Content

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My review: 4 stars
I have wanted to read this since I heard about it and finally got around to it. I also must admit that the muse/cover model did catch my attention when I saw the cover reveal also but the story is really what I wanted to know more about. It was emotional that's for sure, and when you say roller coaster of emotions this book could be the definition of it with the happy, scared, sad, loved, and all over again. Reece was easy for me to relate to and although at times I wanted to slap her because she would not make up her mind about who she wanted or what she was feeling for who but I have known people like that so it kind of made her more real. Reece has had so much pain in her life it is amazing she is as strong as she is. You just hoped for her happy ending that she deserves with everything she goes through. You will have to read the book if you really want to know what all she goes through. I'm not telling! Brent was a perfect "best friend" if she would just open up to him I think they could have a great friendship. I really liked him with his push me away and I'll just come back swinging because you aren't gonna get rid of me that easy attitude. I don't know what it is about the Jon character but I just didn't like him. He seems like a player to me and well again you will have to read it to see what you think about him. He gave Reece an excuse to keep pulling away from Zane and maybe that was all the reason I needed to not like him. Awww Zane! Now he is a man I could fall in love with (if I weren't married) he is a great book boyfriend. Sweet, sexy, charming, GORGEOUS and from the description of his southern voice I was melting in a puddle on the floor for him. I was rooting for him from the second he walked in to the story. The way Alexis described the characters and their feelings was great and really pulled you in BUT.....(yep but) there were a lot of mistakes which took away from it. I hate when you have a great book but then so many mistakes it takes away from the flow of reading. I can over look little things here and there because no one is perfect but when you have whole paragraphs that repeat and several sentences that repeat it makes it a little hard and sometimes confusing to read. I really did love the story and my only advice would be to get a beta reader or someone to do a read through to help find mistakes because without the mistakes this would be amazing and I would have given the 5th star. I almost want to say it wasn't edited at all but I saw an editor listed somewhere. So, over all the story was great and I loved it and if you can get past the mistakes then I think you will love it too. So just give it a chance and read it. I can't wait to see what happens next. The one thing I will say since I don't like spoilers is that the ending left me saying NO!!!!!!!!!! DON'T....... UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Alexis if you happen to read this thank you for the eye candy ;) lol
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