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Cowboy Town by Kasey Millstead BLOG TOUR

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Ever since her parents passed away in a tragic car accident, Eden Cross has been living a quiet, stable and predictable life in inner Sydney – the total opposite of her carefree, relaxed, happy-go-lucky past. Her parents passing and the fact she’s an only child meant Eden was left with her best friend, Jules and Matt, her boyfriend of three years as her only family. That was until she discovered something about Matt that would turn her life upside down. Eden leaves Sydney in a hurry and begins an adventure that takes her across four Australian states before she lands in Pine Creek, Northern Territory.

Jackson Henley has lived in Pine Creek his entire life. He runs a massive cattle and cropping station with his twin brother, Justin, which they inherited when their parents retired. He’s had a bad experience with relationships courtesy of The Bitch - Dannika, so lately he’s preferred to play the field. That is, until he comes face to face with the stunning brunette beauty who’s behind the bar at the Cow and Calf. The problem is, she won’t tell him her name, she won’t give him the time of day, and she won’t give him a chance to prove himself.

What’s it going to take for Eden to give Jackson a chance? Does he have the patience to even bother fighting for her? How will he handle the competition?

In the end, will Jackson have what it takes to convince Eden to start living again, instead of just existing?

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My Review: 4 stars
I really didn't know what to expect from this. I had never read any of Kasey Millstead's book so didn't know what her writing style was like. With the title my first thought was "cowboys, mmm not sure but why not" and so I decided to read it. I must say it is a very good book. It had me from the very beginning and I didn't want to put it down. It is a story that was very believable and it had its fun parts. Love the sexy cowboys and twins at that! It starts of with a scene with Eden, who is known as Edie, and her boyfriend of 3 years Matt. I was feeling sorry for poor Edie just a few pages in and wanting to punch, slap or maybe even knee Matt his "manhood" if you want to call him a man. Right then I knew I was not going to want to put this book down because I wanted, no I NEEDED to know more. Then the adventure begins and you will have to read this book to get the full details. In comes the Henley Brothers! TWINS, and good looking ones at that! Jackson comes into the bar and he is the last person Edie wants to even talk to. It was just a really great book and it had twist that I didn't see coming at first. So go grab a copy and read it and meet the sexy cowboy Jackson Henley for yourself. Can't wait to read more of Kasey Millstead's works.

“Please?” He leans in and kisses me softly, “Give me a chance to show you how good it can be between us.” Kiss.  “You can’t tell me you don’t feel that current between us.” Kiss.  “Have dinner with me?” Kiss.  “Let me cook for you.” Kiss.  “I want you.”  When he comes in to lightly kiss me again, I wrap my hands around his neck and deepen the kiss.  He groans and presses deeper into me.  My nipples harden and I feel wetness gather between my thighs.  I moan when his tongue enters my mouth, sending bolts of electricity shooting through my body.  He presses in harder again and this time I feel the effect our kiss is having on him.  His hands snake from my waist to down around my ass where he grips me and pulls me against him.  All too soon he pulls back slightly, “Say you’ll have dinner with me.”

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