Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Striving for Normal by B.L. Mooney


The most intimate relationship Drew Clayborn had with a man in the last four years has been with her therapist. With a past that has left her broken and scarred, she tries to piece herself back together enough to make it through each day. Whether she’s ready or not, life brings her back among the living, and Drew needs to learn quickly how to deal with her troubled past. When the perfect opportunity presents itself to pursue her dream career, it also provides Drew her first encounter with a compelling man since her devastating breakup with the last one.

Carl Williamson is rich, powerful, and gorgeous. The desire she feels when he’s near makes it impossible not to melt into his arms. He wants Drew and will stop at nothing to have her. Carl promises to be her protector, but he brings familiar concerns to the surface.

Dennis Brooks is a nice guy her best friend thinks would be her perfect match. He’s strong, honest, and sexy as hell, and he makes her smile in a way no one else can. Drew feels safe and secure with him, but she isn’t certain he is strong enough to handle Drew and give her what she thinks she needs in a relationship.

When Drew’s demanding, controlling ex comes back to stake his claim on her, the carefully crafted world she built for herself is turned upside down. Does she need a powerful man like Carl to help her? Will Dennis step up and be the man she needs? Or does she finally become strong enough to deal with her past on her own? Who is the true hero in her quest of striving for normal?

My Review: 4 stars
From the synopsis you can tell that Drew is probably pretty screwed up and my first thought was she is going to be a whiny girl that is going to want everyone to baby her. Why I thought this I really don't know but that was just my first thought and I figured I would not like her. I was WRONG! I loved her and how strong she was. She was messed up and had every reason to be and not trust herself. Although she had great best friends that really were her family that wanted nothing more than to protect her she wanted to over come what had happened to her and she was a very strong person. My next thought was a love triangle so both guys are going to be hot and she is going to have to have to choose one and hurt the other. Was I wrong? That I am not going to tell because it will give to much away and you know me and spoilers. I don't like to give anything away. So, you will have to read to see who Drew chooses and if someone ends up hurt. 
I loved the story and it definitely has some twists and turns I didn't see coming. Which is something I love and it really was a shock to me. I loved the characters and of course Dennis and Carl are both great in there own ways but really neither was perfect and that is something that you don't see much of in books. There are so many things that could keep this story going and maybe there will be more. One can only hope with all the different characters that were in the book that could strive for a more normal life. This is without a doubt a book that everyone should read and it was not the typical love triangle story that I am use to reading about. I really hope that there is a plan to have a series come from this or even several stand alones with some of the same characters. Great job B.L. Mooney.

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