Monday, December 9, 2013

Everybody loves a sale!!!!!

These are all on sale right now at the time of this posting on December 9, 2013. Please check to make sure they are still priced at 99 cent

Lynetta Halat 

Christy Dilg

Cynthia P. O'Neill has the first of both of her series on sale for .99 the link below will take you to her Amazon author page where you can find all her books.

Dani Hart has her book at .99 on Amazon

My Hamden hotties are showing sale prices at Amazon. W. Ferraro has created an amazing town that I want to live in.

M.S. Willis has her debut on sale

Niecey Roy's debut book is still on sale for now

Mel Ballews has two at 99 cent. The link will take you to her author page where you can find both books.

Please remember these authors also have other books out and they are ALL great. You can also search for my reviews on her for all of these except for Shattered into Beautiful. I haven't read it but am looking forward to it while I take some time of for the holidays. So you can get 12 great books for less than $12. Books and a great deal what more could you ask for?