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Caleb and Alex's love affair was risky from the start, especially since Caleb is a young professor and Alex is his student. Then the night comes when the two cannot ignore their feelings any longer and the passion that erupts between them rocks both their worlds to the core. Finally finding a love worth fighting for, the two embark on a journey to get to know each other. But ghosts from both their pasts threaten to end the love affair before it even begins and one of those ghosts may threaten their very lives.
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4 stars
This is a short and sweet love story, but there is more to it than just a love story. When I first found out about it, it was because I was being asked to beta read it. I new it was a love story and that it was a student/teacher story line.  So, I thought well it will be like most where the school year starts the student has a hot teacher and insta-love begins and all is sunshine and rainbows. SO NOT WHAT I GOT!!! Yes there is a sexy, hot, young professor named Caleb. Then there is the sweet, young, attractive college girl named, Alex. As for the insta-love, ya know they see each other and know right then they love each other and all it good in the world IS NOT what happens next. The run in to each other (actually run in to each other) and get knocked down. Yes they notice that the other is attractive but that is it. Then fast forward a bit and Alex finds herself in the poetry class of the sexy man, Caleb, she remembers she ran into one rainy day. He is the professor and she wonders if she can get out of the class but just for a moment. She knows nothing can come of it but she finds herself daydreaming about him often. Caleb notices the vibrant young woman he bumped into when he first came to the school and knows that it is going to be a long semester trying to avoid her. 
Now one of the things I love about this is that the relationship between Caleb and Alex builds. It is not to fast or to slow. They try to fight it but loose that battle. Now they have things that come up to try to tear them apart and all they can do is hang on and see where it goes. Caleb is one sexy man. I wondered if Ann Montgomery had some kind of super power where she could read my mind because she took all my favorites and put them together to create a perfect book boyfriend for me. He was slightly muscluler, loved books, reading, and poetry. He was smart, funny and well you will just have to read it to find out more about him, but he is the perfect guy to me. I loved that Alex is a strong woman who was not all about looks. She was just her and nothing more. She didn't try to impress people or dress super sexy really she was just her. I loved the story and it had some twists that I really didn't see coming and I liked that. It was a great debut novel and I can't wait to see how this author will grow. I look forward to reading more from her.

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Ann Montgomery lives in NY with her husband, two children, and small Yorkie.
She is passionate about a lot of things. She has learned to speak three languages and plays the piano. She loves traveling, photography, TV and film, and, of course, reading.
While writing her first book, she balanced being a full time wife, mom, and student. This year she will receive her associate’s degree with a concentration in psychology and will continue on for her bachelors. And she did it all with the help of two of her favorite things- coffee in the morning and wine at night!

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