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Learning to Love Again (Learning Series Book 3) Blog Tour

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Learning to Love Again (Learning Series, Book 3)
Author: Cynthia P. O'Neil
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 16, 2014


Control can be a wonderful feeling, especially when you’re an alpha like Garrett Waters. But how do you control a beast from the past intent on destroying everything you hold dear? He’d already lost his parents and aunt, but now threats against him, his fiancĂ©, Laurel Hart, and their unborn child pushes him into hiding to try and protect all he cares for. Can he outsmart Walt Peterson and regain control or will he lose everything he’s come to trust and love, including his own life?

Laurel Hart’s life has been upended, with one traumatic event after another, but she’s survived thanks to her family and Garrett. She’s learned to trust in Garrett’s love for her; letting go of her past, and his, has opened her up to the idea of learning to love again. Will her trust and affection be short lived with Chase Peterson hot on her trail, determined to make her his, or will justice prevail and allow them to finally live in peace and have their happily ever after?

It will be a heart pounding race to the finish for both Garrett and Laurel, with surprises around every corner.

Be sure to read all through I have an interview with the sexy cover model.
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 Learning to Love Again (Learning Series, Book Three)

 5 shining stars 
Well, this is a fantastic book and a great finish to the series. I have absolutly loved learning about Laurel and Garrett and watching their relationship grow. I love how Cynthia can describe things without going to overboard on it. She brings emotion to you that you can feel flowing from the pages. I love that with each book she built on the relationship so you felt like you were learning and growing with the characters. This couple has been through a ton of trials and they just keep fighting. Is there any thing I don't love about this book? Well.... yes but just that it is the end to the wonderful love story of Garrett and Laurel and I feel like I am saying goodbye to friends. Both Garrett and Laurel were a little messed up from their pasts but they worked through all of it with each other but is that enough to get them to the alter? Will their love for each other really concur all? It is a great read and you will have to read it to find out.

In this book we learn a lot more about Garrett and his past and we get to the love that Laurel has for her family. There was thrills, chills, and romance all through it. I was finished with the book before I was ready. I just wanted it to keep going it was so great. If you have read the other two books in the series then you definatly want to see how it ends. If you haven't then you need to go grab all three books and have a exciting weekend (or week) with Garrett. He is a very sexy alpha male that knows how to show a woman that she is loved.

Can't wait to see what Cynthia has in store for us next but what ever she has I know it will be great.

Laurel seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as soon as we were inside the penthouse. She looked amazing in her dress. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her bare back in the ballroom and her exposed leg in the car. She was the one thing that calmed me and I desired her more than anything else in my life, but I wouldn’t press, given the day we’ve had. 
“Would you like to take a bath together or would you rather us turn in for the night?” I asked as I led her up to our bedroom.
She laid her purse on the nightstand by our bed, then turned towards me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and whispered so close to my lips, that I could feel her breath across my face,  “A soak would be nice, but right now I just want to get out of this dress, feel the warmth of your skin pressed hard against mine, and let the night take us where it may.” 
Damn, my woman knew how to turn me on in a heartbeat. I was already at semi attention, but now she had me rock hard and wanting out of my clothes as quickly as possible. 
I wasted no time in stripping myself bare. Her eyes grew big as she realized the power her words had over me.
Now it was her turn.  My hands found the side zipper of her dress as my tongue grazed up her neck to the back of her ear, where I sucked on her skin. “Do you have any idea how desirable you looked in this dress tonight?” 
I bit her lightly as she moaned, “No.”
I grabbed her hand and moved it down to my cock. “You feel how much I want you?” Her fingers circled round me as I shoved into her hand.

Cover Model Interview with

To start with here are a few pics from James' facebook page. You can get to it by clicking on his name above. If you don't already head over and show him some love and like his page.

Very nice right? Now for the interview. I know you want to get to know him a little better right?
First I want to thank you, James for taking the time to do this interview and letting us all get to know you a little better. Now on to the Q&A

ISwaB: We will start you off with an easy one. Who are you and what are your details? (Ya know the basics, name, height, eye color.)  
James: Hello! I'm James D. Magnussen, 6'4, dreamy blue eyes and long blond hair.

ISwaB: Do you have a job besides modeling or are you a full time model?
James: I keep myself pretty busy between doing contract work in the health care field while piloting an online business and modeling on the side.

ISwaB: Are you single or taken?
James: Taken

ISwaB: How did you come to be the cover model for Cynthia’s book?
James: Through Facebook, I believe.

ISwaB: Are there any other books you are on the cover of?
James: Yes, I'm on the cover of The Last Kiss by Mr Murphy, Finding Sovereignty by Kris Tualla, the Charred Hearts series by Lizzy Ford and Moon Stone by Olivia Stocum and several others in the near future.

ISwaB: Have you gone to signings or will you if you haven’t? If you will are there any that you have scheduled to be at in the future?
James: Yes, I've been apart of the Arizona Dreaming readers convention 2 years running now and I've also done several other signing appearances for Kris Tualla over the last couple years. I really enjoy doing all the in person stuff, this community is full of so many awesome people.

ISwaB: How do you feel about knowing that women think of you as a book boyfriend and                       possibly dream about you nightly?
James: LOL it's really surreal but also very flattering. My mind has a hard time grasping it.

ISwaB: What is your ideal date?
James: I don't really have an ideal date, I like spontaneity. It's fun to be in the moment and decide what's going to be the most fun for the both of us by harnessing the mood we are in!

ISwaB: What is your perfect woman?
James: The perfect woman is one that is easygoing and honest with a genuine demeanor. She's full of adventure, spunk and is fearless. A woman that's not afraid to speak her mind and has the resolve to compromise when met with conflicting opinions. The kind of woman who complements me, yet doesn't necessarily complete me. A woman who possesses deep, soulful eyes that captivate me. A woman that loves to snuggle lovingly in my arms all night. It's hard to truly nail down what makes a perfect woman but these are some of the qualities that immediately come to mind when I think of this question.

ISwaB: That answer above just made me swoon right there. What about you ladies?

ISwaB: Have you read Cynthia’s book so you know a little about her character Garrett? If so do you think you are like him in anyway?
James: I have not yet read the books but I will when I get the book!!!

Fun Facts
1. Favorite drink?  Scotch

2. Favorite food?  Pizza and cake

3. Favorite place? The untouched wilderness of anywhere. But I do have a special place in my heart for Sedona, AZ. I try to go a couple times a month to clear my head when I can't get out on a grand adventure.

4. Favorite Song? Don't really have one currently and can't think of one either lol

5. Favorite band or type of music? I like instrumental or electronic music right now. I'm tired of listening to music with poor lyrical content it's all sooo negative.

6. Like to read or not so much? I have terrible reading comprehension so I mostly stick to audio books. But I tear thru audio book as I drive.

Thanks again James and good luck & best wishes in all you do.

Cynthia O'Neil
Cynthia P. O’Neill grew up in Clewiston, Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, she married her friend, love, and soul mate and still resides with their amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy.

In her books, Cynthia draws on her background in healthcare and business, along with her husband’s engineering knowledge.

Cynthia currently writes on all levels of Romance. The Remembrance Series encompasses Young Adult, with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. The Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of New Adult, Contemporary and verging on Erotica, with a hint of suspense.

She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.


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