Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Luminara Series by S.J. Molloy

This is a double review. That's right the first two books in the series are being reviewed. I was asked to review this series and it sounded great so I agreed.

Book #1 in the Luminara Series

 An emotional erotic heart-wrenching story of lust, love and light.

File U for upside down. Lexi Robertson's carefully constructed life is about to be turned upside down.

Recently hired as Club di Energia's physiotherapist, the stunning yet insecure twenty-six year old finally thinks she has a handle on her physically and mentally damaging past. The only way Lexi can cope is by compartmentalizing her feelings with a unique, internal filing system. To maintain order, Lexi has a firm set of boundaries in place, and she never lets anyone too close.

File N for not happening. Lexi has no intention of giving in to the charming Lucca Caruso when he comes into her clinic for an emergency physiotherapy session. Despite his painstakingly handsome face and Italian that renders her speechless, Lexi is able to resist.

A Tuscany vacation with her best friend is just what Lexi needs to stop worrying about life and start enjoying it. A cooking course at a villa near the Chianti hills, just outside of Florence, will take her mind off a certain set of mesmerising azure blue eyes.

File F for fate. Lexi never expected to see the Italian god again, but they're staying at the same villa.

For someone that purposely refuses to feel, Lexi finds herself on a journey of self-discovery, helplessly folding, melting, and crumbling under the temptation of her heart's desire.

An emotional, erotic, heart-wrenching story of lust, love, and light.

Lexi struggles to confide in Lucca, slowly learning how to love and trust. Lucca is a gentle, patient lover with a heart of gold, but his need for Lexi is insatiable. He's the man we all want and can't get enough of.

Through the passion of lust and the sweetness of love, Lexi spreads her wings towards the light … until her past comes back to haunt her.

A hot and sexy story of survival, acceptance, learning to trust, and believing. One woman's destiny to find her light, and the one man who can take here there.

Welcome to the Luminara series.

Please note. Lussuria was first published in November 2013. SJ Molloy has worked on a developmental edit and republished the book. This is version two, with two extra chapters, bonus scenes and flashbacks.


 3 stars 
When I read the synopsis for this one it sounded great and I couldn't wait to get in to it. I turn my kindle on and glance to see how long it says is left in the book. I thought it had to be wrong because it says 18 1/2 hours. I liked the story line and it could have been a fantastic story but it was slow to get going. I was also getting a little annoyed with Lexi. That girl needs to stop filing things. It is enough to drive me crazy! I gave it to about 20% and then I stopped. I thought maybe I need to be in a better mood. So I read a short novella and went back to it. It picked up and I got into it so I thought to myself...."man I really glad I took a break and came back". I got to 25% and it was still going good. I loved the details of the Tuscan villas and was enjoying it. Then I started getting annoyed with Lexi again. Now there is a sexy Italian god who is described as very sexy and he makes me want to keep reading. He is so sweet and caring but again Lexi is getting on my nerves and I find myself wishing Lucca would just slap her or maybe her best friend Hazel could slap her. There were several times that I thought about putting it down because it was so long and there was a lot of things that I just didn't see why they were written. So many details about unimportant things. I don't need to know what everyone is wearing. I like detail but really sometimes it just isn't neccasary to know every color of every building or what color everyone is wearing. Ok so to much detail for me and it was getting in the way of the good stuff that I had got to finally. Of course I'm talking about Lucca. Even his name is sexy so let the sex begin. the rest of the book was just a repeat of things really. They fight, they have sex, they are happy, she files, they fight, they have sexy, she files. I found my self skimming over the sex because it was they same thing and once again Lexi was getting on my nerves with her "new favorite". So the 3 stars because I did enjoy the story but I wish there had been less filing and listing. To me it took away from the story. Maybe it was me but I was ready to get to book two because I heard it was shorter and better than the first and the first wasn't bad so the second should be great and the ending had me ready to know what would happen next.

 Book #2 of The Luminara Series. 

 This is the ultimate romantic love story. This is the most tragic love story. 

A life of Love. A life with Love. His Love.

The Love ~ L’amore.

File I for intense. Lexi and Lucca’s relationship is so intense and all-consuming, they barely have time to catch their breath.
Following her passionate, whirlwind romance in Tuscany, Lexi has finally learned how to trust, finding true love and happiness with Lucca Caruso.
File E for earth-shattering. Lexi is about to experience the sexiest, earth-shattering eroticism with her insatiable Italian God, Lucca.
Lucca builds Lexi’s confidence and encourages her to lose her inhibitions with his ‘ask-get’ approach. He teaches her to ask for the desires that she lusts for, and he’s all too willing to give her his sexual gifts of the day.
They have no boundaries.
They have each other.
They live for one another.
File T for timeless. Their love transcends time. He is her always. She is his forever.
Lucca promises to love, cherish, support, and protect his dolcezza. Recent discoveries leave Lexi feeling anxious and uncertain, until Lucca indulges her in romance, adoration, and tender loving care. They plan for their future and everything appears to be getting brighter.

Until darkness prevails …
The tormentor of her dreams.
The devil in disguise.
The uprising of Michael Parks.

Michael has unfinished business, and his resurrection will rewrite Lexi and Lucca’s destiny forever. He wants revenge and will stop at nothing until he has it. Dark black was the colour of her life … and is the colour of her afterlife.
Alexis Evangeline Robertson is going straight to Hell.

After the desires of lust …

And the sweetness of love …

And the flicker of light …

Fate has brought Lucca and Lexi together. Can fate take L’amore away.


 2 stars 
 So on to book 2 and I am ready for it to pick up were book 1 left off. WHAT!?!?!? Wait did I miss something? That was my first thought. Next thought well I'll just keep going and see if it starts to make sence. 

It didn't pick up exactly were it left off but it made since as I went on. Again most of the book was the same file, fight, make up sex, talk, and repeat. 

It did have a little conflict and it was ok in most parts but again I found myself skimming over a lot of sex scence. I couldn't believe I was thinking a book had to much sex in it and every time it seemed like Lexi had a new favorite sex type. Pool sex, stair sex, wall sex, you get the idea. Just annoying to me and again the sex took away from the sweet love story. It was still pretty long which is fine if you have a good story going but I just felt like I was reading a list of words and I came close several times to FILE UNDER D for Do Not Finish BUT I pushed through hoping that it would get better. I did finish it and it had some parts but honestly most of the book I was just reading it to get through it and it was ok but if I had not been reviewing for it I think I would have not finished it. I am still deciding on if I want to read the next book. 

It was ok but I am not in a rush to see what happens with the rest of the story.