Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wait For Me by Dawne Walters


SGT Gabriel Moreno, an immigrant from Cuba, is a crew chief on UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters in the Army. He puts off his dream of being a pilot and going through Warrant Officer Candidate School after losing his cousin to the ravages of war in Afghanistan. Gabe’s immediate path is to take care of his cousin's widow Rosa, and their son. But fate has another path for Gabe, and it involves a young tattooed, privileged Brigade Commander’s daughter.

Colette has always been the odd daughter out of all of the COL Hughes’ girls. Lashing out against her father and step mother. She hides behind the taboo of tattooed people; that they are hard asses and nobody wants them around. Because of her tattoos and colored hair, Colette doesn’t go on outings with her family. She just wants to fit in somewhere, and at McGruder’s Pub in downtown Savannah, GA she does…then she met Gabe.

Together, Gabe and Colette will find out how much adversity they have to go through because he's hispanic and she's white. They'll fight the stereotype with friends and family. Through it all, there is the Army lifestyle, with field problems, 24 hour duty and scheduling conflicts.

What will Colette do when Gabe says, "Wait for me."?

 4 stars 
SGT Gabriel Moreno aka Gabe, is an immigrant from Cuba, and crew chief on UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters in the Army. Gabe has a strong belief in family and since he lost his cousin in the war he feels that he has to take care of his cousin's widow and son which means he has to give up his dream to be a pilot. He is romantic and sexy.

Then there is Carter who is also in the Army and knows EVERY thing about Colette because he is her best friend. He wants more than just friendship but he is willing to wait for Colette to be ready for him. I LOVE CARTER!!!! He is all alpha male and sex on a stick.

This is a great book so why only 4 stars. There are A LOT of grammar mistakes in it. I tried really hard to over look them BUT half way through I was starting to get annoyed with them. I can handle a few but like I said there were a lot to me and I felt like just when I would get into it there was a mistake and it through me and I had to reread a small part to see what it was saying which took away from the feelings that were coming out. So grammar Nazis beware but it is a very good story and I can't wait for the next book to see what happens with Gabe and Cater.


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