Monday, April 20, 2015

I Need You Always by Cynthia P. O'Neill

 Dane Prescott flies all over the world for his family’s business, partying at every turn and avoiding taking the reigns of his father’s company, until tragedy strikes. 

He feels lost until he sees her…

Marissa Lawson couldn’t wait to graduate college, going from intern to employee at the company she works for until one of her peer’s stole her ideas and job offer. 

Everything around her begins to unravel until a controlling kiss from a handsome stranger, leaves her breathless and seeking to transform her life. 

Her luck changes when she’s offered a new position to work with the boss’s son; her stranger!

Marissa wants to focus on her career, but Dane wants to dominate her; mixing business with pleasure. Every touch tempts her to submit to his desires. 

Can she hold up to the control he craves in life, especially in love? Can she let go of her own hang-ups and submit to him? 

Only time will tell if she can be everything he Needs!

 5 steamy stars 

I loved this book! It was different from the stories I had been reading and every little twist just made me love it more. I was a little iffy on Dane at first but he turned out to be a sweet man and I fell in love with him and is hot alpha male side. He started out as your typical party boy. But as the story goes on you can almost see him change. That first kiss they share is very hot! 
To me, Marissa was a little mixed. I liked her and hated her at times too. As the story unfolds we see why she is the way she is and it all comes together. As the story unfolds you see that she has a huge heart and is a very smart woman who just made a few bad choices. 
This was a great steamy read that I couldn't put down. It had a mix of happy and sad and it made for the perfect mix. Can't wait for more.



 It would probably surprise many, that I never really liked to read that much until the past five years. I read what I had to for school, but did not care to pick up that many books to read. Now I am a voracious reader and love to polish off a novel, if it is good, in one night.

As a child, I always let my mind dream, reaching to distant lands and fantasy realms; creating my own little fantasies to live in. However, I never wrote any of my thoughts down, believing it was a waste of my time. About a year ago, a few friends and me were talking about authors we love and asking each other if we have ever written anything. I admitted I had tried my hand at several children's book, but did not have the nerve to submit them for publishing. Suddenly, one of the friends asked if I had ever thought about a Young Adult book. I had dismissed the idea, but over the course of the next two weeks, a story that had been playing in my mind, for almost eight years, started take on more definition until one day, upon my family's encouragement, I sat down and started to write. I have been writing ever since!