Monday, November 30, 2015

With Every Breath by Niecey Roy

Jaden Miller had one plan when she left her hometown, and it was simple—never return. She has her dream job, her freedom, and miles separating her from a past she needed to outrun. Only one thing could make her return to River Bend, and that’s her best friend on the verge of a breakdown.

From the moment Cole Brooks realized he married the wrong woman, he’d done his best to not let fantasies of the one who got away haunt him. Now that his marriage is over, and Jaden’s back in town, is the universe giving him a second chance?

Jaden isn’t about to let her guard down around the man who broke her heart, but Cole won’t give up until she admits how perfect they would be together.


  5 stars 
I am a big fan of Niecey Roy and have read ALL her books. This one was a little different to me. Different in it was not full of funny but still had some and was filled with romance for sure. The characters were great and I either fell in love with them or hated them. The one I hated was the evil ex. Yes I said evil. Not to give to much away but she was just a miserable life sucking witch that I didn't trust and for good reason. Then there was the Mia's sorry husband and I hated him. Finally we get to the wonderful, fun, loving characters that make the story worth reading. I just couldn't help but love them. Mia & Jaden are best friends from school and for as long as as Mia's brother Cole could remember Jaden was always around. These three were the main characters. There were a few other characters that made the story funny and sweet and had me wanting to step into the small town and become a citizen. I loved the small town feel and the story that came with it. 

The return of Jaden brought a second chance at love for both her and Cole. Although they fight it and each other you can feel the heat and love they have coming off the pages or out of the ereader. It is a great story and a must read.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crushing Misery by Kinsey Taylor

Have you ever lost the will to fight?

Kennedy Anderson has continually struggled with the crummy hand life has dealt her. A failed, abusive marriage has left her worn, yet relieved that the past is finally locked away. Unfortunately, the past has a way of repeating itself. Once again faced with tragedy and despair, Kennedy’s anguish is multiplied by the fact that she doesn’t suffer alone; she now has a two year old daughter, Ashlynn.

Love has only served to complicate Corbin Nash’s life. 

He’s focused, hardworking, and dedicated to regaining his middleweight title until the unlikely duo of Kennedy and Ashlynn enter his life. While trying to help her fight her demons, Corbin finds his own resurfacing, steadily revealing the secrets he’s worked so hard to keep buried the last eighteen years.

Two beaten and battered souls, desperate to break free of the misery...

Will they cower to their plagued pasts, or will they fight through the despair and finally find the happiness that has evaded them their entire lives?

 4 stars 
Ok so at first I was really unsure of this one. I bought it because I was curious about the new author and wanted to see what she had. I love finding new authors to read and so I jumped in. It was a little slow at first but that may have just been me. It didn't take to long for it to pick up and for me to fall in love with all the characters and then I couldn't put it down.

Kennedy Anderson had a rough life growing up but her best friend and her family saved her when she was a teenager. I had a love hate relationship with her character. I hated that she let her life repeat and she stayed with her abusive husband so long but I loved that she finally got the courage to leave his sorry @ss and get her and her daughter away from him.

Corbin Nash was the sexy, sweet, very alpha male lead who happened to be a fighter. Not just a MMA fighter but he also helped Kennedy fight and they both found themselves in the process. He melted my heart a lot with how sweet he was towards Ashlynn and Kennedy.

I was left with a little bit of wondering going with some of the "side" characters and what was going on with them but I am hoping that was just little stepping stones building for more books in the series. This was a great read and I will being looking for more of Kinsey Taylors work :)

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

HOT FOR THE Holidays Is LIVE!!! 21 short stories in one collection.

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A collection of 21 NEW holiday romance short stories from USA Today & National bestselling authors as well as other Indie Chicks! Curl up around the fire this holiday season and decide who belongs on the 'nice' list, and who you'll be adding to the 'naughty' list! All proceeds donated to ProLiteracy.

A Collection of Naughty and Nice stories is
ONLY $0.99 at the following retailers:

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UNDER THE MISTLETOE by USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Lynn - Piper forms the perfect plan to give Tanner his Christmas surprise. Too bad her twin brother, Brad, arrives early and she's left scrambling.

A TEN BELOW ZERO CHRISTMAS by bestselling author Whitney Barbetti - Parker and Everett from Ten Below Zero spend their first Christmas together after enduring eighteen months living apart.

LOVE IN MOTION by bestselling author R.E. Hunter - Morgan & Brett are getting married! But when their wedding travel plans go off the rails, can they keep the romance going or will they decide some trips aren’t worth the extra mile.

A PARISIAN HOLIDAY by bestselling author Jade Eby - Kara and Vince from The Right Kind of Wrong get stuck in Paris for the holidays.

WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES TWELVE by USA Today bestselling author Elisabeth Grace - When Max and Chloe's New Year's Eve plans go awry the result is something that will change their lives forever.

NAUGHTY NOT NICE by bestselling author Mia Kayla - When Kendy suspects that someone else is riding her reindeer, all hell erupts and she’s out for naughty revenge for the holidays.

KEEP US by Faith Andrews - Will Marcus and Riley make it home for the holidays or will their spouses, Tessa and Beck, be forced to ring in the New Year alone?

FLARE by Autumn Grey - Remington and Selene from the Havoc series have been stuck in the middle of ten-second quickies and diaper changing, but now things are about to flare up.

DRIFTING by Gia Riley - Follow the gang from Lighter & Weightless on their hilarious road trip to NYC where they’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

SECOND BEGINNINGS by Kristy Love - Courtney wanted to put the past behind her and face the boy who broke her heart. She hadn’t planned on meeting Chase, though.

ALWAYS US by Stephanie Rose - All Lucas and Samantha from Always You want this Christmas is each other, but life keeps getting in the way.

SLEEPLESS NIGHT by Kimberly Rose - Malik and Rosalyn reconnect for one sweet and sexy night before he deploys.

SPECIAL DELIVERY by B.A. Wolfe - Cassie and Aidan are sharing their first Christmas together as a family, and they quickly learn that the best gifts don't come wrapped in a bow beneath the tree.

BABY, IT'S YOU by Ryleigh Andrews - Join Mia and the rest of the gang from the Never Over You series as they celebrate a snow-filled Christmas holiday.

COMPROMISED by Livia Jamerlan - Peyton & Braelynn's plan was to spend their first holiday season together on a beach until a heartbroken Gus knocks on the door.

CHAMPAGNE KISSES by Eleanor Green - Best friends Briley and Cooper realize they're more than just friends as their lips lock at midnight on New Years Eve, and a new year brings new revelations.

PROMISE YOU FOREVER by Celeste Grande - Brayden wants his girlfriend Casey to promise him forever. That is, if he can stop messing things up long enough to ask her.

A TASTE OF CHRISTMAS by Anne Carol - Lauren and Brett are just friends who work at a winery tasting room, but what happens when fate steps in at the annual holiday party?

UNWRAPPED by M.C. Decker - Join Rich and Brooke Davis and their family and friends as they celebrate a holiday to remember.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY by Ruthie Henrick - Thanksgiving has always been Allie’s favorite day, and this year Jake will be especially thankful if they manage to get everyone home for the holiday.

FIRE OVER FROST by J.A. DeRouen - Emmett Fontaine's Christmas plans derail when he comes face to face with his college heartbreak ... and a tiny surprise wearing pigtails.

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