Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crushing Misery by Kinsey Taylor

Have you ever lost the will to fight?

Kennedy Anderson has continually struggled with the crummy hand life has dealt her. A failed, abusive marriage has left her worn, yet relieved that the past is finally locked away. Unfortunately, the past has a way of repeating itself. Once again faced with tragedy and despair, Kennedy’s anguish is multiplied by the fact that she doesn’t suffer alone; she now has a two year old daughter, Ashlynn.

Love has only served to complicate Corbin Nash’s life. 

He’s focused, hardworking, and dedicated to regaining his middleweight title until the unlikely duo of Kennedy and Ashlynn enter his life. While trying to help her fight her demons, Corbin finds his own resurfacing, steadily revealing the secrets he’s worked so hard to keep buried the last eighteen years.

Two beaten and battered souls, desperate to break free of the misery...

Will they cower to their plagued pasts, or will they fight through the despair and finally find the happiness that has evaded them their entire lives?

 4 stars 
Ok so at first I was really unsure of this one. I bought it because I was curious about the new author and wanted to see what she had. I love finding new authors to read and so I jumped in. It was a little slow at first but that may have just been me. It didn't take to long for it to pick up and for me to fall in love with all the characters and then I couldn't put it down.

Kennedy Anderson had a rough life growing up but her best friend and her family saved her when she was a teenager. I had a love hate relationship with her character. I hated that she let her life repeat and she stayed with her abusive husband so long but I loved that she finally got the courage to leave his sorry @ss and get her and her daughter away from him.

Corbin Nash was the sexy, sweet, very alpha male lead who happened to be a fighter. Not just a MMA fighter but he also helped Kennedy fight and they both found themselves in the process. He melted my heart a lot with how sweet he was towards Ashlynn and Kennedy.

I was left with a little bit of wondering going with some of the "side" characters and what was going on with them but I am hoping that was just little stepping stones building for more books in the series. This was a great read and I will being looking for more of Kinsey Taylors work :)

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