Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lily's Law by Danielle Torella

My clients call me Lily... Lily Stargazer.

No I'm not a stripper or a street walker...

But I sure as hell like to push it deep.

I call the shots, I take control, that’s how it goes. Don't like it? There's the door.

Everyone has a dark side, I wear mine proudly. Sure I have my secrets and a past, just like everyone else, but only he knows where I come from and he doesn't think I belong here. 

Do I?

But even those who seem to be plain as day, have the darkest sides of all and when the lights go out and the bulb is changed, they can't hide it much longer.

I know who I am and I am not everyone’s shot of tequila...

But I sure as hell ain't a fine wine.

 5 stellar stars
This is an amazing story and honestly I think it is the BEST one yet! I really enjoyed the characters. Lily is the main female lead and she is a kickass, badass, kind hearted, lady who isn't going to take crap from no one. She thinks she is set in her ways and doesn't want or need love. Then she meets Lawson but will he change her mind or is she just to stubborn and set in her ways.

Lawson is a strong alpha male with a big heart. He knows he wants a true love and he doesn't care what their background or up-bring is. Fate, or maybe his brother's college buddies take him on a little adventure and it changes his life forever.

Will their secrets and strong wills bring them together or keep them apart? Grab this book and enjoy the ride because it is one you will not want to miss. I think this is Danielle Torella's best book yet. She has grown so much in her writing and her characters are strong and a unique story line adds to the greatness of this book.

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Hi! I am Danielle live in Western New York with my husband and two sons. I never knew I had a dream to become a writer until I started becoming obsessed with reading in the last two years. The obsession began with Twilight and then matured to Fifty Shades. While used to reading mainstream best sellers, found a new love for indie authors. I love to do paintings related to the books I read and eventually turning into Pushy Girl Paintings and now do work for other indie writers and readers. My first book idea started from a dream I had one night and became obsessed with the story and started writing. Now having arguments with the people in my head and loving every moment of it, even when they take control of the story.