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Rebel Wheels Series by Elle Casey

A 5 star series for me! I love when friends become family and there are 3 hot men in the mix too.
Rebel Wheels Series Reading Order 
Rebel Wheels: Book 1 (Rebel)
Rebel Wheels: Book 2 (Hellion)
Rebel Wheels: Book 3 (Trouble)

Content Warning: Contains sexy adult situations, creative foul language, and some mild violence. May not be appropriate for younger readers.

Teagan Cross, college senior, rebel, and wiseass extraordinaire, goes from princess to pauper in a single phone call. Overnight, her life of privilege becomes one of survival, and no matter where she turns, it seems like the world is out to get her. She's not going to fall apart, though. She's a rebel and she's strong … determined to live life on her own terms … and nothing's going to stop her from getting things done and making things right. But when a twist of fate brings her to the doorstep of a different kind of Rebel, she's forced to figure out when something's worth fighting for and when something's worth letting go.

Rebel (Rebel Wheels book #1)
 5 stars 
Have you ever read one of those books where you hate the lead female character and want to slap her? Ask yourself over and over can someone really be that stupid or immature? Then out of nowhere it seems that you fall in love with that same immature, slightly crazy, sometimes annoying, huge heart, messed up, and scared character. Ok well if you have then you know how I feel about Teagan. If you haven't then maybe I am just crazy and need to rethink how I feel about fictional characters.

Oh where do I start?!? Well, how about I loved the story even though a few things bugged me. Yes a few things bugged me, like some of Teagan's personality. She was suppose to be a senior in college but sometimes she acted like she was in middle school. It was no big deal really and maybe that is how some seniors in college are. As I read more and more of the story I actually started liking her more.  With her few quirks that annoyed me a bit I still fell in love with her heart and was drawn to read more and hope that she would get her happily ever after.  Her life was turned upside down and when she met Rebel it didn't automatically get better and that is what I really loved about this story. It was slightly different from other things I had read but not so much that it was a totally new thing.  I loved that Rebel was the strong silent type and became kind of the glue to keep everything together. He was there for Teagan but he didn't really tell her what to do or go all alpha on her. He let her find her way but guided her. It was sweet the way he came off as a total ass to everyone but let her see all his layers.
There was so much in the story line that had you laughing, heartbroken, and asking how can that even be? It showed that life is not perfect, friends can truly be family, and that life does go on even when you think you are not strong enough to take anymore. I can't wait to move on to book 2 and see where it goes.

Quinlan Torres has responsibilities - one more year of college, a brother who needs a lot of extra supervision, and a best friend in the middle of a hostile takeover of her late father's company. The best thing for her to do would be to keep her head down, her eye on the ball, and her mind clear of any distractions. Problem is, her best friend's boyfriend has this brother...

Hellion (Rebel Wheels book #2)
 4 stars 
Jumping right in to this one. Ladies first, as in the lead lady. Just like in the first book I was not a big fan of Quin. She was obnoxious, often rude, and frankly a little ditzy. She was suppose to be this smart college student that really seemed to have no brain. I tried to like her but her only redeeming quality was that she was 100% loyal to her friends and she loved her little brother who had some major problems. If it hadn't been for Mick aka Hellion then I'm not sure I would have read it. It was all him and his swoon worthy self along with the little side stories of the other characters that kept me in this one. Mick was sexy, sweet, and full of swagger! You could tell he loved his brothers but you could also tell that there was something he needed to find to complete him.  Getting more of the story from Rebel and Teagan's story and learning more about Mick and his Colin is really what had me hooked. Mick had the whole party boy thing but going but I could tell right off that he wanted someone to love him for him and he wanted someone he could love too. I was glad to see that Quin wasn't a complete selfish bitch when she felt like she had to help Alissa and brought her in. That mad me like her a little bit. It also got me really excited for the next book because I think Colin is my favorite of the Rebel Wheels bunch.

 Alissa Benson used to have plans. Big ones. Important ones. But all those plans went down the drain on her twenty-first birthday, and now she's just trying to pick up the pieces and manage the fallout. Sure, there are people wanting to help. But they're pushy and suffocating and none of them can say more than ten words without cussing. And then of course there's Colin. As if life isn't complicated enough. He's the guy who couldn't stand to even look at her last week but now seems to keep popping up every time she turns around. She'd like to say she can't stand the sight of him, but that would be a lie. It doesn't matter, though. Life is too complicated for dreaming about guys like him. Alissa has a baby almost due, no job, no money, and there's nothing she hates more than being a burden. But when her past moves into her present, threatening to take away her very last shred of dignity, she's forced to reconsider everything she ever thought she knew about the world and herself.

Trouble (Rebel Wheels book #3)
 5+ super sexy stars 
SWOOOON!!! This is my favorite of all the books in the series! Colin is the bad boy who is suppose to be all kinds of trouble but he is... so gooooood. He is made out to be the one that will amount to nothing, has sex with every girl he sees, and can't stay out of jail in the first book. Then you really get to meet him in the second book and find out that he has a bad temper but can be sweet if you give him a chance. Then in this book you find out that he is sweet, funny, creative, and sexy. I mean you can feel the heat from him coming out off the book. I think I saw steam coming from my kindle! From the start of it I knew there was more to him than anyone knew he just needed someone special to help him find his way.

I was unsure about Alissa at first. I couldn't tell if I felt sorry for her or what. I knew she was hiding something from everyone and I had a pretty good idea what it was. I liked her but I also wanted to slap her at times. She was whiny and ungratful. BUT I connected with her and most of the time just wanted to grab her and hug her. A few times I wanted to grab her and ask her what the hell she was thinking but I guess I am a little paranoid and don't trust people.

This one had me laughing at 4% in and it kept it up. Then all the emotions had a chance to roll in and hang out because there was anger about the way Alissa's parents treated her, sadness for Colin with his sister's story, fright for what Randy & Charlie were going to do, and happiness for them all. I still would love to have another book to tie all of there stories up and really get a good closing but it gave me enough of a happily ever after that I can use my imagination and fill in the details.

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