Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nights with Parker by Alice Tribue is now LIVE!!!!

Oliver Parker is a narcissistic a$$hole—vain, self-absorbed, conceited, and egotistical.
And those are his better qualities.
He takes what he wants, and he wants me.
Only, I don’t want to be had. Not ever and not by him.
When fate puts the hotel heir in the perfect position to get his way, my only choice is to give him what he wants.
But I'll spend my nights with Parker fantasizing about his demise.

 5 stars 

Once again Alice Tribue has done an amazing job. I admit I hated Oliver Parker at first. I had my doubts I would ever like him let alone love him. I felt sorry for Riley and most of the time wanted to hug her and buy the girl a drink. Both the main characters had a lot of issues but Oliver had the bigger battle and by the end of the story I was in love with him. Riley had a few issues of her own and while there was no concrete reason for them I think everyone feels like her sometimes and that is what had you connecting with her.
This story pulled you in and had you feeling everything. Hurt, love, anger, happiness, & every other emotion. It was full of feels and it was a great read. There was just enough of everything to make it great. One minute you were mad and ready to strangle one of the characters and the next you were wanting to hug them. Just when you thought all was well something would twist and you were back to wondering and wanting to read faster to see what was going to happen. Such a great read I just can't say it enough.

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