Wednesday, October 5, 2016

COVER REVEAL: Line Drive by Sloan Johnson

Line Drive Sloan Johnson

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PJ Nolan has convinced himself he can get through one last year. That changes when he arrives for the first day of spring training and his teammates think it’s funny to mock the one night that made him feel alive. They don’t realize those pictures are all he has left of Nate Kendricks.
Nate knows nothing about baseball, but agrees to a spring training road trip with his twin brother. He’s not thrilled about the prospect of seeing PJ Nolan, the man who’d haunted his dreams since the night of the charity auction. Nate thought their chemistry was undeniable, but after that night, he never heard from PJ again.
Once they reunite, PJ’s certain of one thing: he’s not going to let Nate slip away again. As he gets closer to joining his dad in the record books, he feels Nate slipping away. What will he choose if forced to pick between new love and a lifelong dream?
Sloan Johnson Sweet Spot

How do you come up with your characters?

It honestly depends on the character and the book. In Homeruns, with the exception of the first book, at least one of the characters for a future book showed up throughout the writing process. When I'm writing, I have a very basic outline for the key characters, but the rest is stream of consciousness writing. That's how Wild Pitch went from being a standalone book to a full series; every time I thought I was done, a new character worked his way into the story.

For other books (and for some of the love interests in Homeruns), I have a good friend I'll bounce ideas around with, and as we figure out one characters story, we learn who he falls in love with. It's fun to go from, "What in the hell am I doing?" to "Oh wow, I need to write this. NOW!"

What are your plans for the future; more books in this series, a new series, or a stand alone?

There will be more Homeruns books next baseball season. For the most part, I like to write and publish those books during the real-life baseball season because it gives me a break and pushes me to write something other than sports. That being said, there might be an Extra Innings project coming up, where I write a few shorter follow-up stories for the Homeruns characters.

Beyond that, I'm working on a football book, which may or may not turn into a winter series, and there are several other projects I'm itching to write. 2017 looks to be a busy, fun year!