Monday, February 20, 2017

Between the Raindrops by K. Pinson

Nevaeh Daniels isn't your typical twenty-four-year-old. She doesn't have life all figured out and quite frankly, she just doesn't give a damn. She parties too hard, cusses too much, and has no true direction in life. Her parents gave up on her long before and focus solely on her identical twin sister, perfection at its finest, Heaven Daniels. Well at least they did... until she commits suicide and puts the reputation of her family and herself at stake. Her parents refuse to go back to a life of squalor, so they devise a twisted plan. A plan to give Nevaeh a life she never thought she'd have; fortune, fame, and the love of fellow Hollywood hottie, Tate Monahugh. But he isn't the only one interested in getting inside her head and discovering her true being. Are the lifestyles of the rich and famous all they are really cracked up to be? Or will Nevaeh succumb to her old life of solitude and forget-it-all attitude? 
Follow Nevaeh through the twists and turns of this psychological romance, and find out her ultimate fate.


 4 Stars 
Wow! This story was not your typical romance. It had me questioning the sanity of the characters almost right from the beginning and had my emotions going. Nevaeh Daniels is a 24-year-old who is just trying to get by and figure out who she is & what she is doing in life. My first thought about her was a little judgemental and maybe even a little harsh but I ended up falling in love with her. She was nothing like what I thought at first and it didn't take long for me to figure it out. Now, her family was, well I'll just say they were a piece of work for lack of nicer words to describe them. Her mother had my jaw on the floor (here is the questioning the sanity part) and not liking her at all. Her parents, or at least her mother is evil. No other way to explain her. Evil and crazy! When we meet Tate, he seems nice enough but how good of an actor is he? If you read the story you will find out. Now, Ryker and Jamison are my favorite guys. Ryker is her past but could be her future too. Jamison is the wild, sexy, ladies man that she has a special kind of relationship with. Ryker ends up being my favorite but I would say much as to why or what he does that really gets me. It just isn't fair to spoil it for you. So, I'll leave you with the fact that this story is emotional and a great read that you need to get. Enjoy your journey follow Nevaeh as she learns who she is.