Services with no fees:

Reviews that is the whole point of my blogging but when I do them I will also put the reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble if you ask. There is no charge for reviews but these are honest reviews so if you don't want my honest opinion then don't ask.

Beta reading is also done at no charge. 

Services with fees:
In addition to correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, I will also make suggestions about wording, repetition, sentence structure, and stylistic errors.  Basically extended proofreading / line-by-line editing. In addition, I will help you with the overall structure of your manuscript. Is your writing clear? Does it make sense? Is your word choice appropriate? Are there any redundancies or inconsistencies in the plot or narration? Are your characters or situations believable? I prefer to use Word Track and will leave you comments and questions in the margin of the document that address these issues. Fee is .005 per word.

basic service includes proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar.
Novel -over 40,000 words $100
Novella -17,500 to 40,000 words $50

Short story -under 17,500 words  ask me

Editing Blurb or synopsis $15 included if done with another service

Contact information for these services